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Confidential Transfers

A confidential transfer is Findora’s engineered method of moving your assets between wallets with the privacy you need. Backed by industry-leading algorithms and safe from prying eyes, we are excited for what value this will provide for you.

How to make a confidential transfer#

  • Sign in into your Findora wallet then click on the wallet name you want to make a transfer out from
  • Make sure you have enough balance to conduct your transfer, and then click on the "Send" button.
  • In here, you should see a couple of input fields.
    • The "From" input field designates the wallet you're transferring from.
    • The "To" input field is where you enter the recipients wallet address
    • "Asset Type" refers to the asset that is being transfered and what protocol it's a part of.
  • In the "To" input field, copy and paste the recipient's address and please make sure that you have this correct. As a bonus, if you're simply moving assets from one wallet name to another on the Findora wallet, you can click on the "Wallet Address" drop down on the side of the "To" input field and the input field will be filled with the right wallet address.

  • Enter the amount

And now we get to the more important part.

  • To effectively do a confidential transfer, click on the "Hide Amounts" radio button when you want to hide the amount, and click on the "Hide Asset Type" radio button when you want to hide the type of asset you're transferring. A prompt modal will appear, please read and be sure you want to proceeed

Click on "i understand" and you should get a confirmation screen.

Confirm the details and the transaction is on its way.

Click on "View Transaction" to get a detailed view of the status of the transaction

That is how a confidential transfer is done.