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Automated Setup

Hardware Requirements#

  • Minimum Requirements:

    • Minimum: 8GB RAM, 2 Core CPU, 100GB Hard Disk
    • Recommended: 16GB RAM, 4 Core CPU, 300GB Hard Disk
  • Recommended Requirements:

    • AWS T3 t3.2xlarge
    • AliCloud g6 g6.2xlarge
    • GCP n2 n2-standard-8

! NOTE !

If you have previously installed a Findora validator instance on your current machine, then you should first delete all the contents from your /data directory.

Automated Setup#

Download and run the script below which automatically downloads the binaries and configures your validator node:


The script will remove all the validator and wallet information you have. If you just want to keep your data. Use [safety clean](## Safety clean)

Setup the Findora Node Tool#

  • fn: Findora Node Setup (fn) is CLI tool with sub-commands necessary to setup a validator node and stake/unstake FRA
# download and move to your pathwget +x fnmv fn /usr/local/bin/

Generate Key#

Generate a new, random pair of public and private keys for your node which will be used for FRA staking:

fn genkey > tmp.gen.keypair

View the contents of your tmp.gen.keypair file via the command below:

cat tmp.gen.keypair Note: Before proceeding further, the staking private key should be stored in file /data/findora/{network_name}/{network_name}_node.key. This will be the sec_key in your tmp.gen.keypair file. You will need to create this directory if it doesn't exist.

Download and run the automated setup script#


  • example: bash -x

Setup fn CLI tool#

To configure fn for use on Testnet:

fn setup -S

To configure fn for use on Mainnet:

fn setup -S
# Connect your staking key (now stored inside `node.mnemonic`)# to fn. This allows fn to sign transactions on your behalf# ex)#     fn setup -O ${ROOT_DIR}/node.mnemonicfn setup -O <Path to the mnemonic of your node> || exit 1
# Connect your Node Key to fn# ex)#     fn setup -K ${ROOT_DIR}/tendermint/config/priv_validator_key.jsonfn setup -K <path to validator key> || exit 1

Fund Your Validator#

Validators must stake a minimum of 10,000 FRA to register as a validator. Before you can stake FRA to your validator, you must first transfer FRA to the Findora Address (i.e. wallet address) of your validator.

Testnet Funding - Find Your Wallet Address#

On Testnet, you can request free Testnet FRA tokens. First, locate the wallet address associated with your validator node. To do this, run fn show and locate the address under Findora Address

An example of some of the information from fn show is below. Findora Address is the wallet address you will give out when requesting FRA testnet tokens. Note: Do not use the example address below for your own node.


Testnet Funding - Request Testnet FRA from Discord Bot#

Make a request for Testnet FRA be sent to you on the Findora Discord channel. The request will be processed by Findora's Discord bot.

Step 1: Goto Findora Discord

Step 2: Goto the #faucet-anvil channel on Findora's Discord

Step 3: A discord bot will automatically detect commands requesting Testnet FRA faucet tokens on the #faucet-anvil channel. Enter a FRA request using the command format below (be sure to use your own receiving wallet address):

# Bot Request Format:#   !faucet <\wallet address> <\Will you run a validator? yes/no> > <\Are you a developer? yes/no>!faucet fra19rtfg2g58x6jxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx no no 



  • All FRA token requests will be approved
  • You can only ask for FRA tokens once so make sure your receiving wallet address is correct.

Mainnet Funding#

Transfer FRA from an existing Findora wallet to your Findora Address (if you don't own any FRA, you can buy from a crypto exchange that lists FRA first).

Node Operations#

Besides node setup, the fn tool is also used for general validator staking operations such as staking FRA into the validator, setting the commission rate the validator charges, and transferring FRA balance on the validator to another wallet address and claiming FRA rewards.

To see all list of all sub-commands under fn use the --help flag:

fn --help

To get detailed info about a specific sub-command like stake use the --help flag.

Usage example:

fn stake --help

fn-stake  Stake tokens (i.e. bond tokens) from a Findora account to a Validator
USAGE:  fn stake [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] --amount <Amount>
FLAGS:    -a, --append     stake more FRAs to your node        --force      ignore warning and stake FRAs to your target node    -h, --help       Prints help information    -V, --version    Prints version information
OPTIONS:    -n, --amount <Amount>                       how much `FRA unit`s you want to stake    -R, --commission-rate <Rate>                the commission rate of your node, a float number from 0.0 to 1.0    -S, --staker-priv-key <SecretKey>           the file which contains private key (in base64 format) of proposer    -M, --validator-memo <Memo>                 the description of your node, optional    -A, --validator-td-addr <TendermintAddr>    stake FRAs to a custom validator

Help information for each sub-commands can be obtained by typing --help after the specific subcommand:

  • fn unstake --help
  • fn claim --help
  • fn transfer --help
  • ...

Stake Initial FRA and Set Commission Rate#

After receiving FRA to your validator's Findora Address, you must stake a minimum of 10,000 FRA to be a validator. Only the top 100 validators (with the most FRA staked) will earn FRA rewards.


  • Before staking, wait for 100% data synchronization of your validator node
    • Else, you may be charged a 'validator node offline' penatly fee.
# ex)# - To stake 999,999 FRAs with a commision rate of 2% (and validator name of Validator_Pool_A)# - Note: that is 999999 * 1000000 FRA units# - Your Staker Memo file should like this:cat staker_memo{  "name": "ExampleNode",  "desc": "I am just a example description, please change me.",  "website": "",  "logo": ""}fn stake -n $((999999 * 1000000)) -R 0.02 -M "$(cat staker_memo)"

Stake Additional FRA#

# Stake an additional 2,000 FRA to your validatorfn stake -a -n $((2000 * 1000000))

View Node Information#

To find information about your validator node, use the fn show command. Sample output is below:


Claim FRA Rewards#

Top 100 validators will earn block rewards. If your validator is a top 100 validator, it will earn rewards which will show up in the rewards: section of fn show.


If your reward balance is greater than 0, you can claim your earned rewards via the fn claim sub-command

# fn claim -n <the amount of FRA units you want># ex) #   If you have a reward balance of 20 FRA (i.e. "rewards: 20000000") #   and wish to claim 10 FRA (out of 20 FRA), issue the command below:fn claim -n $((10 * 1000000))

Unstake FRA#

Unstake Some of Your FRA#

# fn unstake -n <the amount of FRA units you want># ex)#   To unstake 900 FRA (ie. 900 * 1000000)fn unstake -n $((900 * 1000000))

Close Validator and Unstake All of Your FRA#

NOTE: This operation will unstake all of your FRA and remove your node from the Findora Network.

fn unstake