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Change Log


  • git tag: testnet-v0.2.0-monkey-7
  • git commit: ed4baf88e855ebf7aa39a25d1cbee8a068ac6cbf
  • Upgrade stability: switch to the stable channel of rust language
  • Upgrade binaries: use findorad instead of tendermint + abci_validator_node
  • Upgrade distribution methods: from binaries to docker images
  • Support update the memo infomations of validator


  • git commit: 1d53d795ff220b6b47b2b5968576e8a5d43f505f
  • Support to send confidential transactions in fn
  • Support command line options in abci_validator_node
    • the traditional environment VARs will still be supported
  • Add a --version option to abci_validator_node/fn/stt
  • Use the full 40-bytes hash as the binary version
  • fn show will print the detail infomations of your validator in the Your Staking part
  • fn genkey will not produce cmdline-unfriendly results anymore, such as a public key with a '-' prefix
  • Move the default config path of fn from /tmp to $HOME
    • to prevent the data losting after an OS-restarting
  • Prevent stakers to be punished during the very beginning joint process in fn tool
    • stakers will be warned if they try to do staking while their syncing has not been finished
  • Support to set and update validator's information, such as website,name,logo etc
  • Show validator's information in validator_list and validator_detail api
  • Add an API to query validator's delegation history