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Rialto Bridge

Findora Forge and BSC testnet cross-chain.

Testnet bridge:

Frontend Config#

window.__RUNTIME_CONFIG__ = {  CHAINBRIDGE: {    chains: [      {        chainId: 0,        networkId: 525,        name: "findora-forge",        decimals: 18,        bridgeAddress: "0x26925046a09d9AEfe6903eae0aD090be06186Bd9",        erc20HandlerAddress: "0xE75Fb7714B5098E20A2D224693A1c210ad0c1A42",        rpcUrl: "",        type: "Ethereum",        nativeTokenSymbol: "FRA",        tokens: [          {            address: "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000001000",            name: "Findora",            symbol: "FRA",            imageUri: "FRAIcon",            resourceId:            "0x000000000000000000000000000000c76ebe4a02bbc34786d860b355f5a5ce00",          },        ],      },      {        chainId: 1,        networkId: 97,        name: "bsc-testnet",        decimals: 18,        bridgeAddress: "0xacB8C5D7be5B23644eCe55789Eb6aA6bd6C31e64",        erc20HandlerAddress: "0x3e1066Ea99f2934e728D85b03BD72d1BbD61D2D4",        rpcUrl: "",        type: "Ethereum",        nativeTokenSymbol: "BNB",        tokens: [          {            address: "0xa1238f3dE0A159Cd79d4f3Da4bA3a9627E48112e",            name: "FRA BEP20",            symbol: "FRA",            imageUri: "FRAIcon",            resourceId:            "0x000000000000000000000000000000c76ebe4a02bbc34786d860b355f5a5ce00",          },        ],      },    ],  },};

Lets test our bridge!#


We will be using the Rialto Bridge contract CLI to deploy and interact with the contracts. Grab and install the CLI by running:

git clone -b v1.0.0 --depth 1 \&& cd chainbridge-deploy/cb-sol-cli \&& npm install \&& make install

Rialto Bridge Vars#

SRC_PK="<private key on Findora>"DST_PK="<private key on BSC>"

Deposit token#

Findora => BSC#

Approve the handler to spend tokens on our behalf (to transfer them to the token safe).

cb-sol-cli --url $SRC_GATEWAY --privateKey $SRC_PK --gasPrice 10000000000 erc20 approve \    --amount 100 \    --erc20Address $SRC_TOKEN \    --recipient $SRC_HANDLER

Note: Most ERC20 contracts use 18 decimal places. The amount specified will be encoded with the necessary decimal places. This can be configured with --decimals on the erc20 command.

Execute a deposit.#
cb-sol-cli --url $SRC_GATEWAY --privateKey $SRC_PK --gasPrice 10000000000 erc20 deposit \    --amount 10 \    --dest 1 \    --bridge $SRC_BRIDGE \    --recipient 0x5849771139978fe0B3D52303d71D222a347e7CaB \    --resourceId $RESOURCE_ID

The relayer will wait 3 block confirmations before submitting a request which may take a few minutes on the test network. Keep an eye on the target=XXXX output in the Rialto bridge relayer window. The transfer will occur when this reaches the block height of the deposit transaction.

BSC => Findora#

Approve the handler on the destination chain to move tokens on our behalf (to burn them).

cb-sol-cli --url $DST_GATEWAY --privateKey $DST_PK --gasPrice 10000000000 erc20 approve \    --amount 10 \    --erc20Address $DST_TOKEN \    --recipient $DST_HANDLER

Transfer the wrapped tokens back to the bridge. This should result in the locked tokens being freed on the source chain and returned to your account.

cb-sol-cli --url $DST_GATEWAY --privateKey $DST_PK --gasPrice 10000000000 erc20 deposit \    --amount 1 \    --dest 0 \    --bridge $DST_BRIDGE \    --recipient 0x91388a75f30065f6F1D679541C6aDc2c3ade08A8 \    --resourceId $RESOURCE_ID