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Forge Testnet#

Forge Testnet replicates the Findora Mainnet, which is to be used for testing.

Forge Faucet#

Via our Discord bot FindoraBot.

Request Testing Tokens#

Request testing tokens from Discord faucet


You should send a private message to the FindoraBot in the following format.

!evm 0x9c0700E390f0E9c98b894bF4Fc4d5c1Ac3e02D6B

where 0x9c0700E390f0E9c98b894bF4Fc4d5c1Ac3e02D6B should be replaced with yourself ethereum type address.

Note that there must be a seperator (such as an empty space) between !evm and the address.


Check Balance#

Check your ethereum type address balance on MetaMask.